Why Choose Us


Hybrid Learning System

Learning can be on-site or online or either base on-demand or circumstances arising at any given time while you get educated.

Individual Education Plan

We support and challenge our learners throughout the teaching-learning process.


We also ensure that parents are involved in the plan by being informed and attending meetings to review the support given by the school.

Sport Facilities

We have a sports pavilion, swimming pool, basketball court, football pitch, and a lot of indoor games where children can exhibit their talents and skills.

Personalized Teaching

We follow a personalized teaching schedule that enables us to plan for individual needs through our certified teachers.

Child Protection Policy

We teach kids how to think and react early in the learning environment especially when their parents are not home.

Professional Development

Up to date training of all staff.

Anti-Bullying Policy

A positive environment is one in which students feel a sense of belonging, trust others, and feel motivated to learn. We operate a system of zero tolerance for bullying.

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