Kingsfold International Academy is blessed with standard and modern facilities. All our Laboratories (Physics, Chemistry and Biology Laboratories) are well furnished and adequately equipped with the internet and interactive audio-visual equipment which make e-learning more accessible and stimulating. Also, our sports facilities such as the football pitch, basketball court, table tennis, and children’s playground provide opportunities for our learners to actively engage themselves in various kinds of sporting activities. As a boarding school, we have well-structured hostels for learners in high school.

Multi-Purpose Hall

The meal is an important part of students’ life. We give them the best meals with healthy nutrition benefits, with our spacious dining hall that can accommodate all our students.


ICT Facility

Technology is just a tool. Through our ICT facility, we give the learners the opportunity of working together and motivating them, giving them full comprehension of our standard ways with access to information around the globe.


Our school library has a vast collection of books and online resources to support studies and interests of students. A comfortable and welcoming space where you can learn, read and research.

Bring Out the Brilliance in Every Child at Kingsfold

Science Laboratory

As the saying goes “without laboratories, men of science are soldiers without arms”. This means that we don’t just teach our students principles, formulae or concepts. We ensure they carry out complete practical examples to enable full comprehension in our standard laboratories.

Modern Sick Bay

We understand the Importance of health and quick response to any health issues. At KIA, we have fully equipped state-of-the-art Sick Bay where our students are attended to first-hand by professional medical staff within the school premises.

Bringing Out the Brilliance in Every Child at KIA

Boarding Facility

The school is equipped with conducive hostel facilities for Male and Female students. Our hostels are designed to give a homely ambience and comfort for learners anytime they are not in the class. Our well-trained hostel staffs give needed care and support to students beyond the classroom.

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