22Feb 2023


The inter-house sports event of Kingsfold International Academy is an annual event that brings together students from all houses to compete in a variety of athletic activities. The event seeks to promote camaraderie, sportsmanship and physical fitness among students. It includes a wide range of sporting activities such as track and field, basketball, soccer, volleyball, …

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09Feb 2023


Our 2022 Cultural day was indeed a wonderful experience for both our staff and children. A day where they all displayed their traditional attires, cultures, language and many more.

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students working together
29Jan 2022

Bringing Students Together to Promote Learning

In classrooms today, it’s uncommon for students working together in small groups with their peers or even working in stations around the room and interacting with their teacher. Collaborative learning is not something new, teachers have been using this method in classrooms for many years. The changes, however, come in the types of activities used …

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Career Talk by Counselling Department
10Jan 2022

Career Talk by Counselling Department

The problems we encounter nowadays majorly evolving amongst learned students we had only just learned to resolve. Earlier, people would struggle with the limited awareness of numbered possibilities. Now, we struggle with the abundance thereof. We are constantly aware of everything that is happening, growing and changing, not only around us but across the world. …

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