Boarding House


We offer full boarding with modern and family-friendly settings for around 200 learners. It is exciting, stimulating and truly provides a home away from home!
There are 2 Boarding Houses in KIA: one for the boys – Daniel Hall (Faith room, Peace room, Judah room and Gideon room); and one for the girls – Deborah Hall (Righteousness, Victory). This will no doubt satisfy the curiosity of most parents. The hostels and the rooms are given Bible characters as we are a faith-based school. We have a dormitory in the boys’ hostel and a room self-contain in the girl’s hostel (en-suite). All the rooms are air-conditioned with either 3 or 4 learners in a room.
We have 2 House Team Members – House Parent and the Matron being the head of the boarding house. Our matron is a qualified nurse with years of experience.
The students are very comfortable in their Boarding Houses because, in addition to the infrastructure, the Boarding House Teams provide care, support, warmth and love for each child. The students in each House draw up a constitution binding on all occupants that highlight commandments and sanctions. These are taken seriously as no one wants to let the House down.
There is a vibrant activity program which continues to grow each term. Every student will be able to engage in an activity of interest; those on offer include various sports, the Chess Club, Music Club (learning how to play instruments of choice), Dance Club and Home Management Club. There are also various weekly social activities led by the social prefects under the supervision of the boarding house staff.

Admissions Department

Mr. Seun OLULANA : +234 806 977 9073

Mrs. Omobolanle JOHNSON : +234 803 403 8814

Mrs. Omowunmi ADETUNJI : +234 805 807 4181

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.

The Tuck Shop

The Tuck Shop in the school, run by the students under the supervision of the school staff, teaches entrepreneurship and responsibility. Students visit the shop once a day during the break time.


Yes, that is very important and the catering staff does an excellent job of providing healthy meals presented attractively. The menu is carefully planned and students do have an input from the Student Representative Council (SRC). Night cap is also served after night prep daily.

Medical Centre

The Medical Centre is manned 24/7 by resident medical team, led by the matron. Parents are contacted immediately a medical situation arises and if need be, such learner is transferred to our affiliate specialist hospital within 10 minutes’ drive from the school.


As a Christian school, on Sundays, an Interdenominational Service is conducted by the school chaplain, and on Thursday, we have a general bible study. Every student is mandated to attend these services.

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