We believe that adolescents can ascend to a new level of personal growth and awareness through discovering their own sense of purpose and voice. Their purpose will be realized and shaped in a variety of settings including the classroom, our Advisory program, chapels, self and peer assessments, personal tracking, and reflective activities. Advisory, Student Council initiatives, presentations, performances, and other classroom forums, will help students to express and to shape their unique voice. Encouraging their Voice will enable students to articulate and to fine-tune their perspectives about themselves, others, and the world.

Our system focuses on learning & innovation skills in five areas of development.

  1. The 4Cs
    • Communication
    • Collaboration
    • Critical Thinking
    • Creativity
  2. Life careers
  3. Core skills – Numeracy, Literacy, and Science
  4. Information Media & Technology Skills
  5. Value-Based Education

All 5 are achieved through:

  • Design and administration of continuous standards and assessment.
  • Curricular instructions-teaching strategies
  • Professional development & Capacity Building programmes
  • Enabling environment & Pastoral Care
  • Parents training, enlightenment, and support

Our system requires the students to set Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Time-Bound goals in all core competency areas. These areas include all academic, value-based and extra-curricular activities. Students will be guided in setting short, mid and long-term goals for themselves in all these areas.  Once set, these goals will be available on our online portal to be tracked by the pupils, parents, teachers and other relevant caretakers.
Our online portal provides a platform for the parents to be actively involved in their children’s activities, as they would be able to interact with teachers and their children in a dynamic environment.
The students will be continuously guided and built up to have the ability to identify and specialize in their chosen field of passion, clarify their goals and effectively engage in relevant activities to achieve them.

Through rigorous standards, we hope to ensure high-quality skill development and knowledge acquisition. At KIA, we will support relevant learning experiences connect students to a growing body of knowledge and perspectives in the world.

Issues concerning lifestyle will be approached through the lens of God’s love for the world. Students will be encouraged to engage in dialogue and seek to find the truth on these matters.

Integrating classroom learning, advisory experiences, volunteer opportunities, and professional activities enable students to develop a passion for their dreams. This will provide the students with opportunities to ascend to a new level of insight for their future through exploring the meaning of the personal vision, mission, and passion. Vision relates to seeing the purpose for their lives, believing in the impossible and finding a cause to pursue. Mission builds a focused plan of action that will support and release their vision into the world.